Base and Hopper for 2D and 3D



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This set fits the 2A, 2D, 3E, and 3D.

See the featured products on the home page for the 220C, 320D and 328D sets.

The square base is about 12" x 12" hardwood plywood ready to bolt up to the bottom of the mill. The two-gallon galvanized funnel mounted on plywood bolts to the top. It holds about 9 lbs of grain. You know, the standard homebrewing mill bucket-top setup, gets you going that much quicker than making something custom. It also makes a handy platform for motorizing. By extending the driveshaft with the 3/8" to 1/2" adapter, a pulley can be mounted off to the side and the whole assembly fastened to a cabinet or table.

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